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Custom Fireplaces Branson

What To Consider For Your Fireplacebranson-custom-fireplaces

Over the past decade standard brick fireplaces have gone by the wayside and more original, uniquely designed fireplaces are now the trend for homes. Here are just a few things to think about when drawing up the plans for your custom fireplace:

Location of your Branson Custom Fireplaces

If a fireplace is already present in the home, but you are seeking to either improve its condition or put on a new twist, think about whether it should be enlarged or remain the same size. This can be judged by surveying the size and structure of the room it is in and how much heat will be released into that area. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a fireplace that is 30-36 inches wide works well for a room that possesses 300 square feet of floor space. Naturally, local zoning rules, building codes and what way the wind blows also factor in to where a fireplace is located and how high the chimney will be.

What Will The Fireplace Be Made of and How?

What your fireplace will be produced from is also an important decision, as some materials send more heat outside rather than to the inside of your room. Also, you want your fireplace to accent the style and décor of your home. Fortunately, masonry can incorporate very original looks with brick, stone, stucco, veneer, rock, tile and concrete. Wesley Johnson Masonry incorporates brick, stone and block into their Custom Fireplace designs.


This is truly up to you as there are a vast array of styles to select from including traditional, modern or Mediterranean when deciding on what you want your Branson Custom Fireplaces to look like. You can also draw up a concept purely of your own creation. Here are some examples of the styles of fireplaces your Branson mason has worked on:

• Custom Fireplaces
• Custom Masonry
• Custom Bathrooms wesley-johnson-masonry-logo
• Commercial Masonry
• Residential Masonry
• Branson Landscaping

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